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Travel Concierge Services

Around the clock assistance for your travel needs.

Personal Host

Butler quality assistance upon arrival. Your host will acquaint you with your accommodations, schedule services, and will facilitate all of our inclusive perks available to you.

Last Call Getaways

Satisfy last minute travel needs with service, style, and a selection of popular destinations whenever the opportunity arises.

Price Guarantee

You may renew or upgrade your membership at the original purchase price.

Seamless Exchange Services

Access to our partner’s finest leisure properties and destinations worldwide.

No Exchange Fee

When you choose to stay at affiliate locations, we will cover the exchange fee for you.

No Daily Fee

We are all about upfront membership pricing, so we will never charge you a daily rate fee.

No Annual Dues

Unlike any other industry standards, you will never pay an annual fee.

Our Story

A few years ago, my good friend, Doc Mendoza, asked me to help him find a solution to a problem he and his friends were having. “Phil”, he said, “I bought this luxury MotorCoach and I don’t mind staying in it for a night or two, like when I go to a weekend event. The problem is, when my family goes on vacation, it’s practically impossible for all of us to stay in the coach at some RV park. It just doesn’t work. So, we end up not using the MotorCoach. We take other means of transportation and stay in places that have luxury accommodations for the whole family. Because, that’s what we like and that’s what we are accustomed to.”

“Doc, so how can I help you?”

Doz Mendoza
Doc Mendoza

“Talk with my friends”, he said, “because they feel the same way I do. We’d like to travel in our coach on vacation and when we arrive at our destination, stay in beautiful resort communities, in the best accommodations, with all the amenities that fit our vacation lifestyle. Phil”, he concluded, “We don’t mind spending our hard earned money, but, there’s got to be a better way I can get the best of both worlds.”

So, I talked to hundreds of people like Doc, trying to figure out how I could come up with a solution to their problem. I traveled the country and I asked lots of questions. And, guess what? Doc was absolutely right.

Now, after coming up with the perfect solution, we can offer you membership in our luxury travel club. Our club is specifically designed to cater to your unique lifestyle needs. We provide you, your family, and your friends: extraordinary services, luxurious accommodations, the finest amenities, and the greatest value you will find in the world of luxury vacation travel.

Philip I. Waganheim
Chief Executive Officer
Park Place Resorts, Inc.

Our Partners

Celebrating over a decade of success, The Registry Collection program caters to the specific needs of members and affiliates in the luxury segment. Their portfolio of affiliated properties is an elite network of luxury leisure assets, each one selected as among the very best in its respective category, hence why we here at Park Place Resorts have partnered together.

The Registry Collection
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Park Place Resorts Luxury Travel Club, is specifically designed to cater to the unique lifestyle needs of the affluent vacation traveler. Imagine a world of exclusivity, privilege, and superlative quality. Expand your leisure choices with a portfolio of the finest vacation properties in the most desirable locations. We offer over 200 properties with exclusive club membership services and amenities. With worldwide locations, our members enjoy a globetrotting lifestyle. Members are also privileged to complimentary perks at our Park Place Collection, ranging from a luxury automobile, pet sitting services, to MotorCoach detailing. Our Park Place Collection will offer million dollar villas with a fully enclosed MotorCoach garage to house even the largest of recreational vehicles. Our members are now able to utilize their coach and still stay in luxury accommodations with unmatched value and convenience. With a membership from Park Place Resorts you get more options, more ways to vacation, and more inclusive opportunities than have ever been offered before.

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